855BL Chisel and Punch Set

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Flat and cross-cut chisel, center punch, drift punches, set in practical plastic holder • for reliable separation, knocking off, chiseling out, punching, knocking loose or drift punching • chisel with sharp blade, avoid heating up to over 200 °C when sharpening • drift punch with conical pin, concave tip, prevents slipping or sliding off the nail head • precisely machined center punch, high hardness, extremely hard-wearing • chrome-plated, permanent corrosion protection • tempered drive head, prevents splinters according to applicable standards • high hardness, ensures exceptional retention of sharpness and long service lives • special alloy based on spring steel, hard and tough for long service life • laser-marked serial number, lifetime guarantee • pay attention to the safety regulations when working with striking tools:

Model Tools Included in Set
855BL 710/ 3; 730/ 4, 5; 805/ 18, 22; 815/ 7
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