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Tool Lady, a family-run business headquartered in Port Orchard, Washington, is the product of more than 20 years of ingenuity — and a lifelong love of tools.


Founded in 1998, “Tool Lady” (as it was first known) began as a specialty provider of tools for sewing machine repair.


Barbara, the original Tool Lady, was a seamstress-turned-entrepreneur who moved to fill a market gap when she noticed a recurring problem: the
repair technicians who fixed her machines never had the right tools for the precision work they were trying to accomplish. Upon Barbara’s passing,
the Tool Lady operation was taken over by Barbara’s daughter, Rachel — herself an entrepreneur who was already managing a business of her own.


After several years of juggling two businesses, Rachel made the decision to transfer ownership of Tool Lady to trusted friends, Kyle Ann and Scott Heppenstall, who could preserve the legacy of Barbara’s work while continuing to grow the business. Kyle Ann — the customer service-oriented granddaughter of a traveling tool salesman — and Scott — recently retired from his career as a respected US Navy mechanic — saw the opportunity as a perfect fit for their experiences and passions.


Tool Lady has grown out of the legacy of the original precision-instrument business that Barbara began, broadening its product offerings to better meet the needs of a wider array of today’s technicians and tradespeople. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the company's focus on customer relationships and unparalleled service.


It’s Kyle Ann and Scott’s goal for Tool Lady to be the supplier of choice for anyone looking for specialized, high-quality precision tools.


The market today is flooded with choices – too many choices. This makes your dollar more valuable to the retailers you buy from. We will always offer you the best service, best product and best value for your money. If there are PB Swiss or Wiha products that you would like to see in our stock, please let us know. We want to be your one-stop shop!

Thank you for considering Tool Lady as your hand tool resource!


Our mission is to provide the highest-quality precision tools to technicians who require exceptional performance and durability.

We do this by selling good tools, and by making your business our business.



Tech Tools warrants all PB Swiss tools beyond the warranty provided by the manufacturer. If a tool is defective or breaks in the course of normal use, we will replace it — it’s as simple as that. Send the broken tool(s) to us with your complete contact information; we will replace the item(s) and ship them at no cost to you.

If we have questions, or if substitutions need to be made (e.g. in case of discontinued items, etc.), we will contact you before completing the replacement.


PB Swiss Tools (Switzerland) is known worldwide for their quality and exceptional design, and is our preferred source for the vast majority of our tools. Our wide range of stock includes slotted, Phillips, Torx®, Pozidriv and hex screwdrivers. We also have hex wrenches in both metric and standard, bits, hammers, combination wrenches, ratchets, punches, awls, reamers and drive sockets.

We also carry several tools from Wiha, Heyco, Wera, and Beta, as well as some specialty tools that we source from local machinists in our area. We bring other products onboard when there is not a PBST offering for a particular tool. All of the tools we carry are selected for their quality and design features that suit our discerning clientele, and we at Tech Tools guarantee everything we sell to the same degree as the PB Swiss Tools (see Our Warranty below for more information)

If there are additional PB Swiss, Beta, or other products that you would like to see in our stock, please contact us to let us know.


Tool Lady maintains a price structure that is competitive with other quality tools on the market. Review the current price list and compare.

You will see how reasonably priced our tools are even though they exceed expectations for precision and durability.

Your money will serve you better when it provides greater value.

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