8400B Torx® w/Bore Hole SwissGrip Drivers

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SwissGrip screwdrivers (main dimensions marked with an asterisk*) • for Torx®-screws • with bore in the tip, for screws with and without non-tamper pin • precise, true-to-size tips, optimal fit in the screw heads • convex handle with soft surface, pleasant grip and high torque transmission • color coded by screw type, quick identification • high-quality materials used, resistant to solvents, oils, acids and salts • special alloy based on spring steel, exceptional elasticity coupled with high grade hardening • laser-marked serial number, lifetime guarantee

Model Diameter Blade Length Total Length
8400B.10-200 3.5 200 290
8400B.15-80 4.0 80 175
8400B.15-200 4.0 200 295
8400B.20-100 5.0 100 200
8400B.20-250 5.0 250 350
8400B.25-120 6.0 120 225
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