8313 MecaTorque Preset Torque Screwdriver

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MecaTorque preset torque screwdriver, without a scale • for work with the same torque in industrial environments such as assembly and machining • for interchangeable blades PB 53, torque range 10–50 cNm • adapted smaller handle size for the low torques, perfect handling for comfortable working • automatic release, supported by an audible and perceptible click • setting a different value within the specified range is possible with the aid of a tester and wrench • guarantee for torque handles, 3 years from the purchase date for manufacturing and material errors • calibration and, where necessary, alignment recommended after 5000 clicks or once a year • calibration recommended via accredited test center or manufacturer

8313.A 20 cNm - Torque handle for interchangeable blades PB 53, without scale (certificate +/-6%)

8313.M 20 cNm - Torque handle with magnetic holder for C6+E6 bits (certificate +/-6%)

Diameter Total Length
8313.A 20 cNm
8313.M 20 cNm 29 120mm
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